Integrating Finance and Biodiversity for a Nature Positive Future is £7 million programme co-led by NERC and Innovate UK to develop the solutions needed to embed the values of biodiversity in financial decision making.

This investment will build a national multi-stakeholder community that can drive the development of knowledge, tools and skills to incorporate biodiversity-related risks and opportunities into planning, reporting and investment decisions for the finance and business sectors.

Phase I of the programme was launched in April 2023 with twelve pilot projects. They explored the gaps between the financial system and biodiversity, and have engaged with over 250 organisations. The emerging outcomes of Phase I have prompted NERC to provide further support until April 2026 to shift from a project portfolio to an integrated Programe.

The vision is to build national capability bridging scientific, finance, policy and third sector communities, harnessing and catalysing world-leading science to enable the greening of finance for nature, and mobilisation of capital for nature recovery. This aligns with the goals of the 2023 UK Green Finance Strategy and Environmental Improvement Plan and helps set the global agenda.

Work is organised within three Flagship initiatives.