Three diverse examples of biodiversity projects in Scotland

Members of the IFB Programme from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have released a report presenting three diverse examples of biodiversity projects in Scotland, including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)’s Glencripesdale Reserve, Highland Rewilding Ltd.’s Beldorney Estate, and Edinburgh Agroecology Co-op’s Lauriston Farm.

The report focuses on how each of these the projects have developed their business models, community engagement, baseline ecological data and biodiversity project planning. The report also highlights successes and challenges each of the projects have had in developing and running projects to improve biodiversity. Through these case studies, we aim to build our understanding of the business models, community engagement approaches, and data collection methods that can be used in biodiversity projects, and our understanding of what is needed to create high integrity data and methods to support investment in biodiversity projects.

Further details on this and other work at SRUC’s Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre can be found on its website.