Having sufficient finance is one of the fundamental challenges of local communities, NGOs, governments and private enterprises working on the conservation of nature.

The Financial Resources Database for Biodiversity (FIRE) is designed to assist anyone around the world looking for funding.

FIRE is envisioned to be a comprehensive database that serves principally all kind of biodiversity projects (private, public or by civil society) to identify additional funding possibilities (both refundable and non-refundable). Over 200 sources are included that can be used for biodiversity conservation or addressing the causes behind the loss of nature (like deforestation or the use of chemical fertilisers).

If you are looking for funding for a biodiversity project you can access FIRE directly.

If you are offering funding for biodiversity you can check whether you are featured, and if not, you can request to be be included.

FIRE will be growing constantly and will be shaped according to the needs of the biodiversity community. FIRE is on Linkedin, with posts about funding opportunities and interesting developments.

FIRE has been developed by an umbrella partnership including UNDP-BIOFIN, UNEP-FI, Cornell University, the Campaign for Nature, the Conservation Finance Alliance and the governments of UK, France, Belgium.